Multifunctional air-water units with axial fans and semi-
hermetic screw compressors for associated systems with 4 pipes.



Cooling capacity:  369 kW - 733 kW

Heating capacity: 412 kW - 812 kW

Renewable Heating & Cooling capacity: 482 kW - 948 kW

More info

  • Screw compressors.
  • ECO-PROFILE fans propeller type, statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Water side evaporator direct expansion shell and tube type with water connections (complete of differential pressure switch and anti-freeze protection electrical heater).
  • Recovery heat exchanger direct expansion shell and tube type with water connections.
  • High efficiency condenser coils with seamless copper tubes and aluminium fins.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Double set point temperature.
  • Condensing and evaporating pressure control with variable fan speed modulation for external temperature up to -15°C
  • Microprocessor.
  • Galvanised steel base frame and panels in powder painted galvanised steel sheet for outdoor installation.
  • Communication card RS485.

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